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Written by Peter Smith   
Sunday, 29 March 2009 14:51

Having spent several months travelling to the other side of the world I can honestly say that the only thing I missed about home, with the exception of relatives, was the good old England pub.  No other culture in the world has anything vaguely resembling the good old English pub and we are in great danger of losing it thanks to those apalling companies who have been entrusted with their upkeep over the past few years. Everytime we entered a new country on our journey between England and Oz our first thoughts were to secure access to alcohol even before that of food and accommodation and ale or beer before all other beverages.  Once in Australia we frequented many, what I would call, good substitute pubs but not the real thing, perhaps with the exception of The Daly Waters pub in The Northern Territory. It sells real ales (Coopers), it has atmosphere and history oozing out of the prefabricated walls but what really makes it so good is its location: On informing the landlord that I couldn't help noteing his beers were slightly more expensive than those in the bars in Darwin and Catherine I was told in true Ozzie fashion to take my pommy custom next door if I so wished. On enquiring the whereabouts of the nearest c Daly Waters pub Daly Waters Northern Territory ompetition his answer made its way out of a smug grin the width of the outback:

"Alice 300 miles down the road, cobber."

Because the English pub is so unique I have decided to record the good ones I've had the pleasure of frequenting.  If you know of any that you think deserve a mention then let me know and provide a photo and I'll stick them under the section on my pub guide.  They must sell good traditional beers, no jukebox or piped music and have atmosphere and be a focal point for their respective communities: a place to play music, sing or just particiopate in discourse.   What Tom Paine called 'the working man's university.'

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