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Written by Peter Smith   
Monday, 20 April 2009 18:53
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Day 56: Thursday 16th November: Koh Samui

We didn't emerge from our hut until just before 10.00am and celebrated Amy's 30th birthday with an American breakfast which consisted of coffee or tea, fruit juice or fresh fruit, toast and jam and bacon and eggs either fried or scrambled. Just as I was about to tuck into my bacon and eggs a minor bird landed on the next chair arm, whistled at me very loudly and casually strode along the chair and took the piece of toast I held out for him from my fingers. He or she was followed by another two or three who were just as cheeky.

Breakfast was followed by a swim in the Pacific which was choppy and unclear. The weather out to sea looked menacing and it started to rain before I got back to the hut. The rest of the day was spent doing nothing other than eating and drinking and accessing the Internet up the road.

I had picked up a message in Bangkok purportedly from my bank informing me that my account had been cancelled and to follow the link etc. I was certain it was a phishing hoax because I had used my bank card after the message was dated. This was the first opportunity to really check it out and try and also upload some of the 40 blog pages now stored on my PDA. The first café failed to find my email and bank account and when it informed me that Google was probably down I knew there was more chance that Blair had turned honest and decided to go further up the lane to the next café. I managed to collect my mail and upload 7 or 8 blogs but for some unknown reason it was still not allowing me to delete my junk mail which is now blocking up my account. I'm convinced it is something to do with my account which has really deteriorated since being taken over by Virgin. I have worked out why I can't upload photos. Blogger only allows 8 mbs of photos for each page and all of mine are over 4mb. The chance of finding an Internet machine with Fireworks or Photoshop software on it to compress them is very unlikely. It took nearly three hours to upload the files.

On a brighter side the rain stopped in time for us to check out the little beach bar two minutes from our hut. Although cocktails are not my forty the bar is run by a young Thai couple who are into Bob Marley music and so it is worth going just for that. The cocktails are not that expensive but contain very little alcohol which is a good thing looking at the amount she drank.

We tried to contact Amy but because of the 5 hour time difference it proved fruitless. However, did manage to send an email message to her work account. Unfortunately she had taken the day off.

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