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Written by Peter Smith   
Monday, 20 April 2009 18:53
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Koh Samui cont...
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Day 58: Saturday 18th November -  Koh Samui

Beginning to get use to having a base after only three days in one place. It's quite astonishing how quickly we've settled down to leisurely mornings based round late breakfasts, the great birds (feathered) and the beach. We were seriously considering the jeep for another day but decided to make most of the resort.

Spent a good hour or so bathing in the sea which had calmed and cleared over night. Although the Sun didn't seem that hot my head and shoulders were very red later in the evening. The real reason why we left the sea was because of either baby jellyfish or sea leaches which were stinging everybody. Ian from Australia also fit and seawize warned us about three fish in these waters that are very dangerous at night. The only one I can remember is the Blue Octopus probably because it can be deadly.

We decided to join Barry and his new Thai girlfriend Chang for afternoon lunch. Service very poor and not impressed with the café which was situated above a very wet swamp area. Food nothing to write home about and so I won't.

As always the evening finished up on the beach at the cocktail bar. All in all a very uneventful day.

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