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The Story of Ispy4.

When I first acquired Ispy4 I imagined, in my naivety, that someone would either pay me a great deal of money for it, making me rich for the rest of my life, or I would turn it into a major internet corporation rivaling the likes of Microsoft, Netscape and Google. After many years of trying and succeeding to some extent to kill the boredom of long road journeys to France and Spain playing 'I spy with my little eye something beginning with…..'. it seemed an ideal name for a children's browser or search engine. However, now after many years and not one single inquiry the name, the brand, the logo has no rivals. But looking on the bright side, not something I am renowned for, at least in these gloomy times I am not laying off subsistence level paid workers to appease money grabbing shareholders. Interestingly a couple of weeks ago there was a twist to this story after I decided not to renew Within a couple of weeks a company approached me saying they had acquired it and were prepared to give me first choice to buy it back for the bargain price of $99. I will now live to regret the day I didn't renew it when I had the chance for £18!

So if the name is no good for a browser or search engine what can it be used for? I could let my ownership slip as before and find a new name but thinking of something catchy, that is still available, to sell the name Smith is challenging. I could go for the, the or even are all available, I think, but to me they don't have the sparkle of and if I get totally disillusioned with it I can always offer it back to them for $98.

Things may have turned out much different if, as I have already said, someone had paid me a vast some of money or I had chosen some other industry. I always intended creating a great looking, state of the art website but somehow always fell foul to the ever changing nature of the industry. By the time I had bought the definitive book on html (Laura Lemays HTML4) Dreamweaver came along and as the blurb on Macromedia's site said free yourself from the code and concentrate on the content. After spending money and time (usually trying to catch up) on various upgrades content was suddenly not as important as interactivity and Adobe Flash was the new market leader. As I went into retirement, with time to spare to use the little skills I have developed, a new boy on the block appears namely content management systems in the guise of Joomla!, Mamba etc.

So at the grand old age of 62 I have decided to sail my product out to sea on the good ship Joomla! and create a forum of sorts. Now I know a forum is a place for people to meet but mine is different. Having suffered the various guises of Thatcherism for over 30 years I have decided to base my forum on the central principle of her policies self interest or in short me. My site will consist of anything I spy whether I like it or hate it. I will have my say even though I know no one will listen to it, but that is the nature of so called democracy.

Last Updated on Friday, 16 July 2010 16:25