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Written by Peter Smith   
Sunday, 23 September 2007 00:00
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Day 2: Monday 24th Sept 07: St Goer - Prague


Day two started very early with breakfast in a kind of garage area under the restaurant. I attempted to jog up and down to get warm and was complimented by Simone who approves of personal fitness. It was at this point that I noticed that the couple in the caravan next to ours were still asleep and fearing Leighton would carry out his much promised threat to leave anyone not ready to go I gave the door a good rattling.

The drive during the morning up the Rhine Valley was beautiful even though it was through the bus window. It had not occurred to me before that we would be seeing the world through glass and this would also affect the quality of the photos taken. If we had been driving in our own car we would have been stopping every few minutes and it would take 12 years not
weeks to get to Sydney.

We did stop at Heidelberg and were allowed two hours to sightsee and take photos. The weather was beautiful and the old university town looked magnificent. I hoped to see students' walking about promoting facial scars from duels fought but the place was a picture of fine architecture and calm and tranquility.

We arrived at our next stop, a campsite in Prague. As we made camp the cooks began preparing the evening meal.  After the meal we settled down in a circle and began singing and playing. Leighton had brought a guitar which was a great improvement on the travel guitar I'd bought especially for the trip. The party gang set off into town to find the night life. The rest of us had a good sing song.
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