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Written by Peter Smith   
Sunday, 23 September 2007 00:00
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Day 5: Thursday 27th Sep 07 - Vienne to Budapest

The day started very early at 6.00am and by breakfast 7.30am, the lads had slept for a whole two and half hours. Scooby and Co left the Australian bar at 5.00am having paid a drinks bill totalling 500 euros. This was after (Barry) had negotiated a special deal with one of the waiters, who did not charge them for bottle beers and provided a free tower. The bar management must have thought Christmas had come early. I have to say my first thoughts were for the poor unsuspecting Australians this lot is staying with on arrival in Sydney but Fe then told me later that she couldn't get into the campsite launderette, the night before, for very drunk, ozzie teenagers who had also thrown everyone's clothes out of the tumble dryers. This gang was also staying on the site while travelling around Europe with a company called Top Deck. If it's a competition then it’s Top Deck 1 Ozbus 0. I found out, even later still, from Viv, that the bar manager had approached Leighton about bringing future Ozbus partys' to his bar. Ah well, so much for my comments as we headed into the capital about high culture. In this world profit always takes precedent.

Breakfast finished and cleared away, bags all stored on the coach everyone's attention turned to the topside of the site where Sue was banging on a camper van and a tent and screaming in German at the young Aussie occupants who had kept them awake until 3.00am. When one of them emerged from his tent to investigate the din she threw the contents of her coffee mug in his face. All of this was done to clapping and cheering from the others whose night sleep had also been destroyed but did not have the bottle to strike back. Well after two meetings between us and Top Deck I think it now stands 1 nil to the Brits.

Later, at about 12.30pm, we arrived at a rundown looking campsite in Budapest. We quickly set up camp and headed in the centre. Budapest is no different from every other city, because of the traffic, it took an hour to negotiate our way to the slots besides Elizebeth Bridge. We then spent a short hour perusing the market while Leighton went off to source lunch.

We finally had dinner at about 4.00pm, everyone was very hungry.  We had a reasonable meal of Goulash soup, chicken paprika and a beer. This was followed by a further pint in an unusual bar called For Sale. The roof once again like Hermies was absolutely covered with messages of kind written on beer mats, business cards, cigarette packets etc, etc. The whole place was designed to be different and bohemian but the waiters were especially unwelcoming. After just the one drink we all headed for another bar where the staff was completely opposite. The barman asked me where I was from and when I told him he then said that McCabe(of Sheffield United fame) had attempted to buy some Hungarian team. The rest of the time we spent drinking and talking. I bought two glasses of Unicum for the group to taste and with the exception of Ian (Kwok) who knocked it back in one all found it foul. Strange that tastes can be so regional. After a trip up to the Citadel to take photos looking straight down the river and finding the battery in my camera was flat (no shots) we headed back to the campsite to park the bus and go for some more beer down by the river just a few minutes walk away.

I was last off the bus and found Mark cuddling Lucinda who was crying. As I made for my tent it became apparent that the tents had been broken into and possessions stolen. I was relieved to find ours was still in tact. Immediately there were shouts, flashlights in the wooded area of the site and the sound of people running. The 'party gang' led by Barry from Nevin who was brandishing a rather large torch had disturbed the culprits and were now in full pursuit without considering the consequences. I certainly would have thought twice about following a group of thieves into a dark wooded area late at night armed with one large torch. Amazingly and to their credit they quickly found Lucinda's case with the belongings scattered along the path. Unfortunately or perhaps fortunately they got away with Ted's rucksack which was locked. Mac lost his supply of condoms but not the wad of dollars he pulled out of the tent. The boys spent a good hour scouring the site for the sack. It became apparent the thieves were going through all the bags in the safety of the tents and left with Ted's bag because it was locked. Thankfully all they got was clothes and no one was injured in the pursuit. Ted, Leighton and a few others still went to the pub (now 11.50) to try and cheer Ted up but surprisingly the heroes' of the night turned down Leighton's offer of a drink instead going for a shower and a bit of boy bonding. I think the bridge between the Neven boys' is reducing. Whilst we were searching the area for the bag I asked Barry why he'd brought such a large, heavy powerful torch. 'I didn't' was his reply. I had to spend all my spare useless Czech money on something before heading into Austria.' He happened to see the torch in the supermarket the day before. While we were eating that beautiful garlic soup Barry was making the purchase of the trip so far and with the look on his face he new it. Barry 1 Leighton 0.

Before we managed to get into bed the heavens opened up and quickly this was followed by our first storm of the trip. I found it very easy to go to sleep even though Anne was worried about the lightning and our position under the trees. I was more concerned about having to pack a very wet tent away for two or three days. Even though the good news was we were spending the next three nights in Romania and Bulgaria in hotels it was spoiled by tonight's incident and poor old Ted's loss. This was the first night that the whole party went to rest feeling a little down. I can only hope that tomorrow and country number six has better things to offer, especially for Ted.

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