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Written by Peter Smith   
Monday, 09 February 2009 10:57


All the books below are for sale and I am prepepared to accept offers plus the cost of postage.

Book title Author Publisher Condition Price
Socialism and syndicalism Snowden P The nation's library good  £10.00
Bradshaw's Anglo-French Phrase Book [Hardcover] Bradshaw   collectable  
Modern English Syntax Onions, C.T      
The Origins of Totalitarian Democracy [Paperback]  Talmon, J.L.      
Politics of Industrial society Kieth Middlemas Andre Deutsch good £5.00
History of Political Theory (fourth edition) Sabine Dryden Press good £25.00
Leviathan Thomas Hobbes Pelican Classics good £1.00
Nine Days that Shook Briatain Patrick Renshaw Doubleday Anchor Press good £1.00
The Life & Times of LIberal Democracy CB MacPhearson Oxford University Press good £1.00
The Labour Party & The Struggle for socialism David Coates Cambridge University good £1.00
The American Presidency Harold J Laski George Allen & Unwin good £2.00
The Road to Surfdom F.A. Hayak Routledge & Kegan Paul good £2.00
legitimation Crisis Juren Habermas HEB Paperback good £2.00
Social Limits to Growth Fred Hisch Routledge & Kegan Paul good £2.00
 Politics in Western Europe  Gordon Smith  HEB Paperbacks  good  £2.00
The Case for Walter Bagehot CH Sisson Faber (hardback good £2.00
The Prince Machivelli Everyman Paperback good £0.50
The ABC of Communism Bukharin Pelican good £0.50
The Political Economy of Growth Paul a Baran Pelican good £0.50
Politics & The Athenian constitution Aristotle Everyman good £0.50
Essential Law for Journalists MacNaes Butterworths good £2.00
Capitalism, Socialism & Democracy Joseph A Schumpeter George Allen & Unwin good £2.00
Late Capitalism Ernest Mandel Verso Editions good £2.00

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