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Written by Peter Smith   
Monday, 16 February 2009 15:25


Whilst on holiday at Lake Annecy Anne my wife decided she would like to try her hand at parapenting or gliding from 4000ft up across the lake strapped to a French instructor. The night before the event the idea that I could lose her one way or the other and the number of people who all envied her and would also do it if only they hadn't some prior engagement stimulated the song. The songs really about those who do and those who just dream.  I am gratefull to my friend Linda for informing me that the parapenting canvas is made out of technolanium: a material first produced by the Romas 2000 years ago and only rediscovered in the past few years.  


Whilst walking with my true love beneath the Col du Forclass
Walking with my true love in the fullness of the day
What de we spy but a bunch of bonny Frenchman
Leaping from the mountain tops to pass the time away

Dancing so high like a prima ballerina
Sailing the sky like a clipper on the sea
we reach as we try to join them on their journey
Then watch our lives drift by from the safety of our dreams 


A sky of technolanium the colours of the rainbow
The air filled with rhythm as the thermals danced in play
When down scooped Phillipe on his tandom parapenter
And cradled in his thighs he stole my love away


Some say they flew to Paris to see the Eiffel Tower
Others said to Lyon to settle by the Rhone
But I took the car, the kids and my memories
Caught the Dover ferry to live a life alone


So listen all you young men there's warning in my story
Never take your sweethearts to the mountains in France
When Frenchmen are leaping young maids are waiting
to cradle in their thighs and do the thermal dance

Chorus (twice)

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